Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Tears

Ever since I started Karl’s Books over 8 years ago, I’ve hoped that one day this book program would become self-sustaining and thanks to the generous staff at UNC Chapel Hill Libraries, this is now possible. We have been storing our books in the Physician’s Office Building across from the hospital for the past 3 years. You pass this building if you park in the parking deck and take the covered walkway to the hospital. The hospital contacted the library staff and told them that the storage space was needed and the books needed to move. So, the library staff has found room to store the books and have also volunteered to do the restocking. Many thanks to Will Owen, Michele Hayslett and the Diversity Committee of the Libraries, Stephanie Mazze Rec Therapist with the clinic and Lauren Davis, Division Administrator with NC Children's Hospital for figuring this all out. I have shed some happy tears over this. Love, Kathy