Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Church Bookdrive

My mom's church, Westminster Presbyterian Church located at 3639 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, is hosting a bookdrive for the month of February. The 5 and 6th grade class is heading this up. I appreciate their help and I know the kids at the hospital will benefit from their work. So, if you're in that part of town and have some books to donate, they will be glad to take them even during the week. The collection bins are located near the church office.

We continue to go to the hospital every two weeks and my friend Donna Lucier has been helping me and we find we're a good team. She is very good at cleaning and organizing and after raising 4 kids and a library degree, she knows a thing or two about kids books. I started a group of books that we are labeling as Library books and those are suppose to remain in the clinic. Every 4 weeks we rotate those out and replace them with others. There is so little space in the clinic we have those books in two plastic crates. Eventually, with the new hospital, we hope to have those on a shelf for the kids and parents to read while they are in the clinic. Some kids have to stay all day for treatments.

The other books, which are the ones they can take home, we have also started rotating them out. It is hard for us to know what will be appealing to the kids, so we mark them if they have been out before and eventually take them out of the clinic if they stay there too long.

So, this book fairy thanks you for your help.
Love, Kathy