Friday, February 19, 2016

Final Chapter

I’ve come to realize that everything in life has a final chapter and in this post, I am writing the final chapter for Karl’s Books. After the UNC Libraries took over the storing of the books, they discovered how many wonderful books we had collected and made the decision to not hold a book drive because we already had enough books. And then it was decided that they actually didn’t have the space to store the books. They restocked the clinic with as many books as the shelves would hold and donated the rest of the books to local groups who needed them. So, the clinic probably has enough books to last a year and then I’m sure they will figure out how to organize one big book drive that will restock the shelves. The hardest part of this whole project has been the lack of storage space. Storage space in all campus and hospital buildings is very valuable and hard to find. When I started this project two months after Karl died in 2007, I just stored the books in my garage and drove them over and used a fold up hand cart to wheel them up to the old clinic in the Gravely Building. And after the new cancer hospital opened, we received donations of money and that helped pay for 2 different storage units and Donna and I would load up my car---yes, I bought a Honda Element partly because it has great hauling space and we would park in the parking deck and use a hand cart to wheel them to the clinic. And then we stored them in the clinic and then the Physician’s Office Building. I’ve recently been in touch with Dr. Gold and he reassures me that the book program will continue. The hospital has a great group of student volunteers and I’m sure they’ll figure out a book drive and a way to keep those shelves filled. So, I wish them well and want to thank everyone who had a part in helping me make this possible. A special Happy Birthday wish to my son Karl who would be 22 years old today. I love you. My love, Kathy Humphries, Book Fairy