Monday, November 3, 2014

UNC Book Drives

I was thinking that Karl's Books has come a long way in 7 1/2 years. I started out hauling boxes of books up the ramps and elevators of the old Gravely Building on a little fold up luggage cart held on with bungee cords and stored the books in my garage. We now store our books at the hospital and have student volunteers restocking the shelves. And because the UNC book drives have been so successful, they collect enough books for the whole year and I've been able to simplify the program. And this year we are making the program even more self-sustaining by having the library co-ordinate with the hospital in moving the books to storage. It has always been my hope that the program could continue without me and we're pretty close. Just to remind you of the types of books we're looking for. We want books that are in really good shape. New is great, but used is OK as long as it is in good condition. These books are a gift to the children. Please no books that make noise (nurse's request), have been written or drawn in, the stickers have been partially used, or are dirty or moldy. I asked the clinic for book suggestions and this is what they said: Book recommendations: board books, Spanish books!!!! (for the very young), series books for elementary school kids and adolescent.... Thanks for checking in. Love, Kathy, Book Fairy

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