Monday, May 26, 2008

Terrific High School Collection


At the suggestion of Hannah Osborne, the sophmore class at East Chapel Hill High School hosted a bookdrive for Karl’s Books and it was a huge success. Donna Lucier and I met them Friday to pick up the books. I dressed as the Book Fairy and the Chapel Hill News joined us.

Their book drive filled the back of Donna's truck and Hannah handled it all very smoothly. She is just beautiful inside and out. The entrance to the high school takes you right into the cafeteria. All the other doors are locked since the student gun incident. Lunch was in full swing and we had to weave in and out between the huge students and the funny thing was hardly anyone noticed me. I was SO surprised. There was one black man. I don't know his job there. He passed me in the hall and said, "Beautiful, just beautiful". At least somebody noticed this wierd woman in a fairy costume! The photographer was carefully writing down everyone's name. She was fun. A lot of you will get the paper, but Dave Hart says its also online, so I'll add that here.

I just wish our beautiful son Karl was going to that school in the fall. Oh, well. I made the personal decision that his death was not going to make me a bitter person. What an awful life that would be for me, my family and all my friends. Oh, we are all ugly when we cry, but in the morning we certainly do feel a bit better. Karl would want us to survive with some happiness in our lives. This book project does that for me and I thank you all for your help.

I have also adopted a new kitten from the Chapel Hill Animal Shelter. Now our dog Rusty has some one to take care of. He follows her everywhere, as he did Karl.

Love, Kathy, The Book Fairy

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