Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation Bible School

My new friend, Julie Wilson, a teacher at the preschool where I worked this spring, asked me to participate in the vacation bible school at her church in Hillsborough. Hillsborough United Methodist Church. One of their missions this week was Karl’s Books. Just this week, the children brought in almost 400 books and they plan to keep a bin set up all summer.

I arrived in full costume and asked Al, their pastor, to help me put on my wings. He greeted me warmly in the parking lot. He was expecting me as the children were. The looks on their faces when they first saw me was so wonderful. One little boy leaned toward me and whispered, “Are you a real fairy?” And I told him, “No, it is just a costume. You know, like you wear on Halloween.”

They were divided into age groups and with each one I showed my photos of our animals, the hospital staff and photos of Karl enjoying his life during the time he was being treated at the hospital. Kristi Geib, Dr. Gold’s nurse is a member of the church and she was there with her two children. I had a photo of her at work and her son said, “That’s my mom”. I also read a book to most of them about a black cat and a bird similar to our love birds. They were entertained by it and I said this is what the books you are donating will do for the children in the clinic.

The books continue to be a special gift for the children at the clinic. Thank you for you interest and support.

My love, Kathy, The Book Fairy

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